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PIN Analysis

I read it over at Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram NewsLetter.

The original artivle is at : PIN analysis

Short Summary :

An analysis of 3.4 million four-digit PINs. (“1234” is the most common: 10.7% of all PINs. The top 20 PINs are 26.8% of the total. “8068” is the least common PIN — that’ll probably change now that the fact is published.)

Personally, I find very interesting/funny, the following diagram (as seen in the original article):

It’s a pretty good approximation for a demographic chart! (suggested by the red-dashed trend line) which would probably allow a fair estimation of the ages (years of birth) of the people using the various websites. (Of course, hackers invert this strategy and use the age of a target to try and give information to guess a user’s PIN. Looking at this graph, this might give them up to a 40x advantage!)

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