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The size of data to come

HP salivates over the future brontobyte digital universe has been posted at The Register.

Disregarding the article, it has one of the nicest infographic of the relevant sizes of the size of data that awaits us.

Terabytes are within reach of the average home user today and petabytes have been within the grasp of corporations some five years ago.

How long before these numbers seem puny?

UPDATE: 9 DEC 2012: As slashdot reports For Riot Games, Big Data Is Serious Business, 4.5TB of data are generated daily by the players of League of Legends. That is about 135TB monthly or about 1.6PB yearly generated data from a single internet outfit.

UPDATE: 2 JUL 2013: According to this story, “…Large Hadron Collider alone generates over 25PB of data per year from the particle-smashing experiments it does while seeking out the Higgs boson and the fundamental forces that drive the universe…”

UPDATE: 28 MAY 2013: All this data has to be stored somewhere, somehow. It is apt to put into perspective advances in digital storage.

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