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Jean Sammet, RIP

5 June 2017 Leave a comment

Jean Sammet, Co-Designer of COBOL, Dies at 89


Jean E. Sammet, an early software engineer and a designer of COBOL, a programming language that brought computing into the business mainstream, died on May 20 in Maryland. She was 89.

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Impressive: HTML5 Genetic Algorithm 2D Car

27 June 2013 Leave a comment

Impressive and entertaining… HTML5 Genetic Algorithm 2D Car

Software realities

17 November 2012 Leave a comment

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Online Courses from Stanford University

24 November 2011 Leave a comment
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The future is not what it used to be

21 November 2011 Leave a comment

About a month ago I wrote in Times are a’changing:

The next funny thing will be Java and .NET running natively in browsers!

Well, you can hardly make any predictions nowadays. They are fulfilled so quickly! .NET is not here yet, but Java is! As slashdot reports, JavaScript JVM runs Java. Here is a lightweight introduction to original author’s work ( Artur Ventura ) along with links to his presentation.

Javascript fast, CHECK
Other languages inside Javascript, CHECK.
Boot Linux in your browser through Javascript, CHECK.
Run X inside browser, ??? can it be that far away?

Times are a’changing

16 October 2011 Leave a comment

I read three posts today that made me think… my o’my, where the world is going to…

Micro$oft with warm feelings towards open-source and Linux? Hadoop: A Linux even Microsoft likes and Microsoft announces official SQL Server driver for Linux

Is Google right? Is the browser the OS of the future? Gate One brings open source SSH to HTML5 browsers, pdf.js hits first milestone perfectly, MP3 and PDF plug-in dependencies engineered away, GTK+ 3.2 with support for Wayland and HTML5, Future LibreOffice developments shown.

Along with Google-backed languages Go and Dart and Google Native Client an ecosystem is beginning to shape. Google is really pushing things and it sure has considerable might. Will it be enough? The next funny thing will be Java and .NET running natively in browsers!

UPDATE: 25 OCT 2011:
A rather nice article The Essence of Google Dart: Building Applications, Snapshots, Isolates on Dart as well as a new language for web/cloud development has appeared. opa is here! Quite a funny name for a language, it certainly gives and air of flamboyancy to development.

UPDATE: 29 OCT 2011:
pdf.js: Rendering PDF with HTML5 and JavaScript, this is starting to look like real.

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Dennis Ritchie, RIP

15 October 2011 1 comment
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